10 lines

10 lines about the HEX Filter

taking the statements to a closer examination


1. Reliable with conservative solid design based on 30 years of experience:

  • Using the HEX BeeCell panel, you secure the filter cloth in small segments in the structure. Any breach is limited to only one call, that can easy be blinded until the panel is replaced.
  • Common known components like the drive from SEW and heavy industrial steel chain is used.
  • Classic strong drum construction and main bearings, with a set-up and sizing seen in operation the past 20 years.


2. More capacity using the HEX filter panel:

  • The cell structure with short distance to each weld of the cloth, allow usage of optimal filter cloth the best open area per m2.
  • Unlike any square cell structure, the HEX BeeCell shape minimizes the blockage of the active filter cloth, still having short distance to the next weld.
  • The hexagon shape cell is making sure particles are lifted and water is still drained fast. It is maximizing the backwash speed to the optimal point, constantly bringing fresh clean filter cloth faster in the water when needed.


3. More capacity due to optimized filter area usage:

  • Differential pressure (delta P) is in theory direct proportional to the flow. It does not match up 100%, but having 200 instead of 100 mm will give almost double capacity depending on the solid loading. The HEX Filters is made to deal with the optimal delta P for the given application.
  • The drum is located deep, having maximal active filtration area.


4. Less foot print in your installation per m3 of water being purified:

  • You simply can manage with a smaller filter, due to the factors in point 2 and 3 above.


5. HEX E Control feature peek flow handling, savings and options for remote monitoring:

  • As the base on a HEX Filter allows the optimal backwash and delta P, the next logical step is to add intelligent control. HEX E Control is a flexible simple tool with the option to upgrade.


6. Savings is typically 50% on backwash water:

  • Our claim to save 50% is hold against a quality filter that already has the on/off automatic system. In case we compare to a simple filter running full time, you will use 10 times less water – quite extreme.
  • The HEX filter rotates slow and allows build of delta P without backwash
  • No clean cloth is backwashed again, only on demand
  • Backwash is made at optimal drum speed, to finalize the water and energy expensive process fast.


7. Savings is typically 50% on energy consumption:

  • The backwash pump is the absolute main energy consumer on a filter, so the energy savings refer to same points as line 6.
  • Note that some might claim it will be a better overall economy to backwash all the time, as you have to lift the large flow of water about 200 mm more. This argument is sadly seen often, but it is a totally wrong assumption and we offer you to calculate your application.


8. Correct selection and installation with support of our biologist and engineering:

  • Behind HEX Filter you will find staff that has sized-up a few thousand drum filter. What micron is optimal, what loading is typical, what is done with the sludge, how is the filter installed and more questions are cared about.


9. Optimal Life Cycle Cost (LCC) using corrosion resistant materials:

  • Introducing UV resistant Poly Ethylene (PE), we avoid cracks and corrosion.
  • PE also has very noise reducing side effect, keeping the backwash sound down.


10. Service friendly with features like lubricated during operation:

  • Lubrication of the support wheels trough the shaft.
  • Individual replacement of a panel, if needed.
  • Option to connect the backwash pump in either end of the filter and to flush the spray pipe.
  • Access to review the nozzles by a single hinged lid.


HEX Filters are used worldwide. In case you have one installed, do not hesitate to send us photos.

Accurate science and experience


The statements in our listed 10 lines are based on a healthy mix of basic engineering, knowhow and experience.

To estimates the lifetime on a bearing can be very accurate, in case you have all surrounding parameters like loading, environment and maintenance. On top of this, the HEX Filters are designed with known solutions in the industry.

However, the filtration process has a quite many parameters that are unclear, as it depends on many unique variables for the exact application.

We are fully aware of this and keep conservative estimations, whenever it comes to filtration.

We should be happy to answer any question in connections with our 10 statements.





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