Environmental cost factors

Significant savings on your water and energy

Global use of the HEX Filters

Installations worldwide, mostly in Aquaculture

New technology on a solid base

The innovations are made on proven strong backbones

High capacity Drum Filters using HEX Super thin String filter panels

The HEX filter panels can use the new super thin strings in the filtration net, this give you a dramatic improved flow capacity, on the same filtration area.

You simply have smaller filters doing the same job!

=> Less investment, less footprint and even reduced running cost.

Notice the new super thin strings needs to be welded to the patented HEX structure grid. Then itcan last the +5 years in heavy duty filtration, as always expected from our filter panels. See more.

Why select HEX Drum Filters?

  1. Solid drum design based on 30 years of experience.
  2. Better filtration using the patented HEX filter panel.
  3. Smooth operation with very low maintenance.
  4. Water and energy savings with HEX E-Control.
  5. No corrosion, Optimal Life Cycle Cost (LCC) using corrosion resistant materials.
  6. Unique Drive system, DDGW - direct drive gear wheel.
  7. Daily operator friendly.
  8. Correct selection and installation with support of our biologist and engineering.

    See more about the HEX Drum Filter features here

Try to bend a HEX panel vs. a classic square cell filter panel and you easy feel the difference.

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HEX Drum Filters

more efficient with nature's own Unique design

The innovative HEX Drum Filters all have the unique BeeCell HEX filter panel design for an optimal filtration process. The idea to use the design from Mother Nature came from Chile, now used worldwide featuring higher capacity and more efficient filtration than ever seen before. The BeeCell HEX filter panel has a hexagonal cell structure that ensures optimal removal of suspended solids, increases the net open area and last longer, compared to other structures. Each filter panel is 400 x 1200 mm for easy installation and replacement.

All design and engineering is made in 3D and we can give you the dimensional drawing in almost any 2D or 3D format you may wish.

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