About us

We have the vision to build the best drum filter in all aspects

You want a piece of equipment with long lifetime you can trust 24/7, that also has low operational running cost and for a minimal investment. This is the compromise we are faced with. To meet those demands, HEX filters are designed on proven technology, but optimized with innovative solutions to the very last detail. 

The team behind HEX Filter has the knowhow to make our vision real.

Denmark has quite many world leading companies working with water treatment in Aquaculture, some in Farum 64

The HEX Filter history

HEX Filter is developed by CM AQUA Technologies, with the office in the north part of Copenhagen at Farum Gydevej 64.

The HEX filters are manufactured in our own new facilities in Germany and became the leader in innovative solutions for better drum filters, see why here.

Over 500 HEX filters are installed worldwide and used by the leading companies supplying Re-circulated Aquakultur Systems.

Finally we see new markets evolve and HEX Filters are also used in WWTP, Water Supply, Swimming Pools and more specific applications.

The new factory HEX Filter GmbH are optimal located for quality manufacturing in central Germany near Düsseldorf

Contact us:


Henrik Mortensen

Mobile: +45 4059 4822

Mail: hm @ hexfilter.com

Kurt Carlsen

Mobile: +45 2323 2700

Mail: kc @ hexfilter.com

Service & Parts:

Camilla Cetinkaya

Mobile: +45 2859 0370

Mail: cc @ hexfilter.com


Dennis Dyhr Rasmussen

Phone: +45 2117 5600

Mail: dr @ hexfilter.com

Claudia Lehde

Phone: +49 2191 37461-55

Mail: cl @ hexfilter.com


Andre Pechura

Phone: +49 2191 37461-55

Mail: ap @ hexfilter.com

Factory location:

HEX Filter Germany

Karlstrasse 12

D-42897 Remscheid


Phone: +49 2191 37461-30

HEX Filter Denmark

Farum Gydevej 64

3520 Farum, Copenhagen


Phone: +45 211 75 600

Mail: info @ hexfilter.com

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