Why HEX?

Why select the HEX Drum Filter

taking our feature statements to a closer examination

1. Solid drum design based on 25 years of experience:

1.1. Proven long lifetime on the structure based on 3D simulation and real operation

2. Better filtration using the patented HEX filter panel:

2.1. Beecell structure is natures design for optimal use of material

2.2. Higher capacity for the filter panel area, as more open space for the waterflow

2.3. Less stress on monofilament cloth, when its bended in position on the drum

2.4. HEX panels can use filter cloth which have more net open area = much higher capacity

2.5. No corrosion, all polymer plastic components of panels and cloth

2.6. Long durability as cloth is embedded in panel as a sandwich construction

2.7. Each Beecell can be plugged in case of damage, no need of change of panels

2.8. Beecell structure is optimal for lifting out particles of the drum = higher filtration efficiency

       (vertical moving screens or drum filters with smooth internal surface, does not lift out particles, which

       thereby erode)

3. Smooth operation with very low maintenance:

3.1. Less manual cleaning, as the PE sludge tray with dual slope gravitates the particles out

3.2. Less maintenance, as you have no chain drive, using DDGW

3.3. No sudden break down of support wheels, as HEX3 wheels have no ball bearings

3.4. No moving parts for backwash, as our nozzles cover all drum length

3.5. No moving parts in the nozzles which is made of extreme robust ceramic for long lifetime


4. Water and energy savings with HEX E-Control:

4.1. The strong drum design allows you to operate with higher delta pressure filtration

4.2. The intelligent E-Control only use the backwash pump when needed, using sensor feedback

4.3. Using more delta pressure filtration vs. less backwash time, reduce the energy consumption x10

4.4. Water consumption is also reduced, and more concentrated sludge goes for treatment (if any)

5. No corrosion, Optimal Life Cycle Cost (LCC) using corrosion resistant materials:

5.1. We avoid cracks (no fiberglass) and no corrosion, introducing UV resistant Poly Ethylene (PE) on tank,

       cover, sludge tray and drum end-plate.

6. Unique Drive system, DDGW- direct drive gear wheel:

6.1. The drive system DDGW are all none-metallic wheels

      No more troublesome chain    

6.2. DDGW drive is transmitted to the large plastic wheel, which is sized for lifetime operation with no wear

7. Daily operator friendly:

7.1. Very low noise during operation, as the PE reduce the sound of the backwash

7.2. Good access to inspection with hinged light lids you can flip over

7.3. Good access to maintenance as all cover can be opened in sections, when needed

7.4. HEX3 support wheels cannot suddenly fail, slow steady wear allows you service in due time

8. Correct selection and installation with support of our biologist and engineering:

8.1. Knowledge about the application from our 3 biologists having +50y experience in AQ together

8.2. Knowledge about the installation from our engineering specialized in water flow

8.3. Innovative approach to your ideas with our young team, understanding if you want all on an App

HEX Super String

The level of fine filtration and the flow capacity is absolute key factors for any Drum Filter.

The hexagon shape of the support grid make it possible to bend the filter panel, without singular string stress factor. The stress is shared in the shape, unlike the square cell panel, that has a super stress between a string on the support grid and the next without.

You both feel and see this easy when you bend a filter panel.

Change for HEX high capacity filter panel, that last long!

HEX Filters are used worldwide. In case you have one installed, do not hesitate to send us photos.

Accurate science and experience

The 8 feature statements are based on a healthy mix of basic engineering, knowhow and experience.

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